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Mautic 4 Integration with Thrive Leads [Thrive Themes] Using OAuth2 [In 5 Minutes]

In this tutorial I will show you how to properly connect Mautic 4 with Thrive Themes in WordPress using OAuth2. Basically this tutorial will answer following questions for you:

  1. How to Create OAuth2 credentials To use with Thrive Leads Mautic Integration?
  2. How to Properly Authenticate without any errors in the process?
  3. What is overall process to connect Mautic and Thrive theme within 5 minutes?

Steps To connect Mautic and Thrive Leads:

  1. You Need to create Mautic OAuth2 Credentials.
  2. Place the redirect URL like described in the tutorial.
  3. Copy the Mautic Url to API URL field in Thrive Leads API connector view.
  4. Place the Public Key and Secret from Mautic to The API Connector view.
  5. Authenticate and approve.

Let’s discuss the steps in details with screenshots.

Initiate Process From Thrive Themes API Connector View

Once you have Thrive Themes installed and activated you will find a side menu from where you can manage all the general settings.

Click on Thrive Dashboard.

thrive theme side menu

Select Manage Connections button under the card of API Connections.

api connections

Click on Add New Connection and choose Mautic from the Available options in the dropdown.

Add Mautic Connection

Now here you will need API URL, which is going to be your Mautic Instance URL. And we need to generate the Keys for OAuth2.

Note: Please note that when Mautic API URL is mentioned, Ideally it is but in this case you only need to copy your Mautic URL which should be No need to add /api at the end.

Creating API credentials in Mautic

Go to your Mautic and log in into it to reach Dashboard.

Click on Settings > API Credentials.

mautic api credentials menu

You will see option to create new API credentials for Mautic, here you need to click New button.

In the auth type choose OAuth2.

In the name field give it a name of your choice.

URL to copy

In the Redirect URI field you need to copy the url of your thrive themes add connection page and append &api=mautic to it. So for example if the page URL looks like ‘’ then you need to copy paste it and then add ‘&api=mautic’ to it so the final URL will look like ‘’.

Credentials add screen

So once done click on ‘Save and close’ button on top left, this will generate the credentials for you.

api credentials generated

Now copy the Public Key and Secret key and paste it in the WordPress where it is asked, so the final result will look like following image.

Connection details added

Finally click on Connect, this will take you for the Authentication and you will be asked to login in and authorize your connection with Mautic.

approve authentication
Connection Ready

Once done your connection is ready and Mautic is connected with Thrive themes, and you will be able to integrate the Thrive themes leads with Mautic. Basically you will be able to create contacts in Mautic when a new lead is generated with Thrive themes.

Please note that you will need to choose this integration at the time when you are choosing the form actions.

Important part here is to keep in mind that,

  1. When you add API URL in the connection config form you don’t need to add ‘/api’ at the end of your Mautic URL.
  2. When you copy the URL from WordPress to Mautic API Credentials page for Redirect URI you need to append ‘&api=mautic’ at the end of it.

With the hopes that it will help you configure and connect your thrive themes with mautic. Here’s a complete connection Video from my Youtube channel for you.

4 thoughts on “Mautic 4 Integration with Thrive Leads [Thrive Themes] Using OAuth2 [In 5 Minutes]”

  1. Hi Mayank,

    Can you please help me to resolve this issue?

    Failed to send to Expected response code 354 but got code “554”, with message “554 5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients ”

    I have created Ubuntu 20.0 on oracle cloud and installed cyber panel on it Then installed mautic on cyber panel. I tried sending email but not working. What do you suggest ?

  2. I received this error when did smtp testing

    << 535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed:
    ERROR: 535: 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed:

    Please suggest why i can not send email.

    1. hi Tashi,

      Please try posting in Mautic forum they will be able to guide you better. This ususally happens when your credentials are not right or when your send email is not matching with your configure email.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I have corrected that error. But i still not able to send email

        I receive this message while testing smtp

        << 250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as 6697A2F487F

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