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Who Owns TutorialsJoint ?

TutorialsJoint is owned by Mayank Tiwari, B.Tech.(Information Technology), M.Tech.(Computer Science and Engineering). I(Mayank Tiwari) have written most of the articles here. Originally this was known as examsmyantra.com but last year in order to revive my hobby of blogging I rebranded it as Tutorials Joint.

About Author, Mayank Tiwari

I am Mayank Tiwari, a Professional Web Developer. with Bachelors and Masters degree in Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering respectively.

As a Professional Web Developer I have 6 years+ experience working in various techs like, Php, Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJs, VueJS, MySql, MongoDb. I have expertise in PHP and frameworks like Symfony, CI, WordPress, N8n, Mautic, Slim etc.

What is TutorialsJoint about ?

TutorialsJoint is about tutorials for those people who are looking for solutions of the problems which I faced and I had to do a lot of google in order to get it done. So I collected knowledge from various sources in order to fix my issue, thus I decided to share these in the form of tutorials with other people like me.

Sometimes it even helps me to look back and retrace my steps if I am doing something similar. So in short it’s a platform to share my knowledge with fellow developers who are in similar situation and looking for solutions.


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