What is the purpose of TutorialsJoint ?

Purpose of TutorialsJoint is to share information and knowledge that we come across in our day to day professional activity. We try to write articles in a way to make it easier for anyone to understand. Our goal is to share the information in form of tech tutorials.

Who owns TutorialsJoint ?

TutorialsJoint is owned by Mayank Tiwari(founder of Premay IT Solutions) along with Rishav Chhajer. Both are professional web developers and started the platform in 2014 with name Examsmyantra but later moved to TutorialsJoint.

What platform is used to create TutorialsJoint ?

We have used well known CMS WordPress to create TutorialsJoint.

Is all the information related to one technology or platform ?

No, We have very diverse information belonging to multiple technologies and in future we plan to make it even better with help of community.

Is all the information up to date ?

We can not assure it, but at the time of publishing of article usually all the information contained within any article is up to date and tested working in certain environment.

Can I write for TutorialsJoint ?

If you are interested in writing tutorials, then of course you can write, to do so you can reach out at mayank@premayitsolutions.com and share your content, if we like your content we will definitely publish and create an account for you so you can freely write.

Can I earn by writing for TutorialsJoint ?

Not now, but in near future we plan to start an affiliate writing program, do subscribe to our newsletter in order to stay updated.