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Line Sticker List compiled in ready to use Arrays – SQL, JSON and PHP

This is not an article but rather a way to share the resource I have created for my own use. I have been working on a Line Bot App for around 3 months now and I have learned a lot for the same. Recently I came across a use case where I wanted to allow users to send Stickers via my bot, thus I had to provide at least default stickers if not all of them and to do this dynamically I wasn’t yet sure how to.

I couldn’t find any API from Line API reference which could allow me to fetch and display a list to choose from. What I found was this Sticker List PDF which seems like a manual way to enter the sticker package id and sticker id. So well I did bit of code and bit of manual work to generate a list for myself and converted it in other formats so anyone looking for similar solution may find it useful.

I created gitst and here are these gists.




I hope someone will find it useful.

Happy Coding!

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